PV Panel recycling technologies

  Solar power is booming, with millions of metric tons of solar panels being produced each year. A panel has a projected lifespan of about 25 years, which means that today’s new solar farms will go out of service in the late 2040s. Most of the weight in a solar panel, about 75 percent, is glass, aluminum, with 10 percent; wiring in a junction box, at 5 percent; and silicon, with just 3.5 percent. Dedicated recyclers are needed, the authors write, to do a more thorough job of recycling all the components of a panel—including the crystalline silicon in the photovoltaic cells themselves. Silicon wafers account for about half the cost of a panel, as well as over half the energy and carbon footprint of manufacturing a panel. But silicon isn't currently being targeted for recycling much because the recovered silicon isn't pure enough to go straight back to a wafer manufacturer. Studies show that the impurity levels are an important issue during the recycling processes.  The resulting

Electric vehicle charging per kilometre 60 paise

  The Ministry of Power has previously announced new EV charging infrastructure standards and guidelines. In compliance with the rules, the state government has fixed the ceiling cost of service charges to be charged by electric vehicle public charging stations. It approved the Rs 12.06 + applicable GST service cost maximum for electric vehicle rates covered by State/Central subsidies. it is still less expensive than petrol and diesel. “It costs Rs 300 if any four-wheeler takes 25 units to completely charge their cars.” “You can’t even get three litres of petrol with the same quantity of petrol,” Car comparison between petrol, diesel and electric vehicles If the price of petrol is considered at Rs 100 per litre and mileage is considered 16 km per litre, the cost of the car, per kilometre, will be about Rs 6.25. If the price of diesel is considered at Rs 95 per litre and mileage is considered 22 km per litre, the cost of the car, per kilometre, will be around Rs 4.31.   Whereas,

Pourquoi choisir Baptiste Dumain plutôt qu’une autre agence immobilière à Istres ?

  "Après avoir obtenu sa licence d’immobilier, Baptiste Dumain a décidé d’exercer le métier d’agent immobilier dans sa ville natale, Istres. S’il a choisi de se fixer à l’agence de l’Olivier, c’est avant tout parce que cette agence immobilière partage les mêmes valeur que lui parmi lesquelles l’honnêteté, la rigueur et la bienveillance. Depuis son arrivée, qui fut bientôt suivie de celle son frère aîné, Alexis, le duo a accompli de nombreuse choses pour l’agence.  Implantée depuis 7 ans à Istres, l’Agence de l’Olivier avait du mal à faire décoller son chiffre d’affaires. Les activités de gestion et de syndic fonctionnaient bien mais le nombre de vente stagnait. Cette stagnation ne pouvait résulter que d’une incapacité de l’agence à moderniser ses différents canaux d’acquisition client. La présence de l’Agence de l’Oliver sur Internet se résumait à un site web datant de 2012 et d’une page Facebook garnie d’un nombre très insuffisant de posts.  Baptiste a donc dû mobilier ses divers

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